First BioShock Infinite DLC released, second DLC announced

For those of you who have purchased BioShock Infinite‘s Season Pass (myself included), the wait for the first piece of DLC is over.

Titled Clash in the Clouds, the first “real” DLC for Infinite (the Columbia’s Finest DLC was just the preorder bonuses) is a horde-mode feature that is purely combat-related.  It includes 4 maps based on locations from the main game with each map having 15 waves.  Cash is earned as reward for completing waves and defeating enemies.  Bonus cash is awarded for chaining kills, headshots, Vigor combos, variety kills, and for completing “Blue Ribbon Challenges,” which range from completing a wave using only Sky-Line strikes or shotguns.  I’ve played 2 of the maps so far, and some of them are indeed challenging to earn (obvious, I know).  After the completion of each new wave, the player is given either an infusion or a gear and a chance to change weapons or buy weapon and Vigor upgrades before the new wave is started.  All acquired gear, infusions, and upgrades are permanent and carry over from map to map.

What else can be bought with the cash?  In the Columbian Archaeological Society, concept art, Kinetoscopes, Voxophones, and character statues can be purchased.  Each thing bought in the museum costs a lot of money, which adds to the replayability of the game mode.  Personally, I think this is a good addition to Infinite as it adds some much-needed combat to the heavily story-driven main game.  Each challenge I completed so far will test your skill with guns, Vigors and the Sky-Line.  If you cannot complete a Blue Ribbon challenge at your first go, play the other maps first so you can earn more money for upgrades and replay the wave when you are more powerful.

Clash will also serve to kill time until the next DLC, a story scenario that returns to where it all began: Rapture.  Titled Burial at Sea Episode 1, this DLC’s setting is Rapture before the civil war that turned the underwater city into the psycho-filled ruin that is present in the first two BioShock games.  This DLC will most likely feature the return of Plasmids, as Booker is seen lighting Elizabeth’s cigarette with the Incinerate! plasmid near the end of the trailer.   The Little Sisters are also seen in the trailer, but it is unknown if the iconic Big Daddies will make a comeback.  Irrational confirmed that characters from the first 2 games will make an appearance, and most notably, both Booker and Elizabeth will be playable characters.  This will mark the first appearance of a female player character in the series.  Burial at Sea Episode 1 is slated for an October release.  Both this and Clash in the Clouds are included in the Season Pass.

Having played the first 2 games to death and accumulating a sizeable Big Daddy body count, I am very exited about Burial.  Although October seems like a long time away, Irrational have consistently put out quality products, dating all the way back to System Shock 2.  The studio said that gameplay elements from Infinite will appear in Burial.  I wonder if the Sky-Lines will make an appearance, but it would be awesome if they did.



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